How to Find a Substitute Teaching Job

You’ve decided substitute teaching is the right part-time job for you. Now you are wondering how to find a substitute teaching job. More importantly, how do you find the substitute teaching job that fits into your life and career goals? 

Substitute teaching can be a great part-time opportunity if you’re looking for a flexible job. Schools across the country have a need for caring, qualified substitute teachers. But it can be overwhelming to sift through a sea of job listings across districts, school networks, grade levels, and subjects. To help ease that anxiety, we’ve put together 3 tips for how to find a substitute teaching job that will make the process much easier.

Decide what is most important to you in a substitute teaching job

Before you begin your search, answer each question below to determine what aspects of substitute teaching are most important to you, and if you have any deal breakers. 

  • What grade level are you most excited about teaching?
  • Given your background, skills and interests, what subjects are you most qualified to teach? 
  • What type of school do you want to work with? Do you prefer public, charter or private? 
  • Are you looking to switch schools, grade levels, and subjects day to day, or would you prefer a long-term assignment where you’ll teach in the same building for an extended time period? 
  • How far are you willing to commute? 
  • How quickly do you need to start working to meet your financial needs? 

Kokua partners with schools across the country. By becoming a substitute teacher with Kokua, you’ll have access to a wide range of locations, grade levels, and subject areas that will give you the flexibility to make the right choices for you.

Search for substitute teacher openings near you

Many districts and schools will have substitute teaching jobs listed on their website. Take the time to read the job descriptions and determine whether that role fits into your lifestyle, skillset, and interests before applying. It can be time consuming to locate and research listings if you have multiple districts and schools in your area.

Kokua makes the entire process simple! You only need to complete one 5-minute application to have access to a wide range of K-12 openings in multiple locations across your city. Skip the time consuming process of combing through individual schools, sending out your resume over and over, and completing multiple similar interviews. During the hiring process, we’ll work together to match you with the right opportunities to meet your interests, career goals, and qualifications. 

Understand the hiring timeline

Before you apply to a job, seek information about the hiring process and timeline. Some districts may have a job open today that doesn’t start until the following school year. Others may ask for applications today, but have an interview process that lasts several months. If this information is unclear in the job description or company website, reach out directly via phone or email. 

At Kokua, our goal is to get great substitute teachers into classrooms as quickly as possible. In most locations, you’ll be able to apply, interview, receive an offer, and start onboarding within one week! Because we are connected with schools across the country, we are tapped into their ongoing, diverse hiring needs throughout the school year, and we support our new hires to complete each step efficiently.

Ready to have a lasting impact as a substitute teacher? Complete Kokua’s 5-minute application and start the process today!