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Work When and How You Want

Get the ultimate work/life balance. Work up to 5 days a week and choose assignments you're excited to teach.

Earn What You Deserve

We know the value you bring to your community, which is why we offer competitive compensation and pay you within two weeks.

Thrive in Your Career

We offer personalized support to help prepare you for the classroom and grow your skills as an educator. Kokua can offer great exposure into a full-time role.

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The Network You Need to Grow Your Career

Kokua proudly serves the Philadelphia community & has also expanded nationwide. Kokua offers the strongest network of innovative and high-performing public, private, and charter schools across the country, leading the industry in connections and resources to build your career.

Flexible schedules that fit your life

Choose how you want to work. From a couple days of subbing to long-term placements, there are endless opportunities available for you to make a difference.

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Learning to become a teacher? We’ll get you in the classroom right away. Kokua provides faster experience for teachers going through their teacher education. 

Find full-time opportunities

Kokua can help you pursue long-term guest teaching roles and full-time positions. Whatever your career path is, we’re here to help pave the way.

Get licensed, get reimbursed

We reimburse you for your substitute teacher license in Philadelphia to help you keep starting costs low and jumpstart your career.



Get in the classroom as soon as next week! 

“At Kokua, we believe that one role model can change the life of a student forever. 

Every day as a Guest Teacher, you have an impact on our students. Whether it’s the way you explain a lesson, the care and kindness you show, or an opportunity or vision you share, you make a lasting impression.

You are making a HUGE difference!”


Gabe Nakashima

Kokua Founder & CEO

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Philadelphia's Largest Networks:

“I got to set my own schedule. I got to pick my own assignments. If you have wanted to try teaching I suggest starting out as a Guest Teacher. It is not an easy job but it is a fun job. You can stick to one group of classes or try a little of everything.”

Substitute Teacher in Austin, TX

“Great job experience! Great based pay, long term positions opportunity with increased pay. The operations team are consistent, friendly and accommodating!”

Substitute Teacher

“I get to work 3 minimum days out of the week or the whole week. I love the flexibility and the hours as a mom.”

Substitute Teacher in San Juan, TX

“To help fulfill a need is very gratifying - making an impact or difference in the lives of children”

Guest Teacher in Houston, TX

“You get to meet amazing students and if you’re looking to further your education career, becoming a guest teacher is a great way to start.”

Long Term Substitute Teacher in Chicago, IL

“Great flexible employment. Kokua offers flexible scheduling and the ability to pick your days and which schools you want to work at!”

Guest Teacher in Mcallen, TX

Maya, 32

Substitute teacher

"Kokua has done way more for me than I can ever do for them. They gave me a reason to wake up everyday."

Zach, 30

Substitute teacher

"Working with different schools and students is an awesome window into the world of education, and has opened so many doors for me in just this past year." 

Judith, 55

Substitute teacher

"Substitute teaching is a powerful experience. You get to go to all these different schools with one goal in mind. Save the day!"

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