Teach for a day.

Inspire for a lifetime.


Kokua Education matches schools with guest teachers who spark a love for learning through meaningful connections

For teachers ready to be role models

Create powerful moments that shift students’ perception of what’s possible. Get hired within a week and start making an impact right away.

For Teachers
For Teachers

For schools ready to find the right fit

Connect with mission-driven guest teachers with a passion for empowering students.

We partner with high performing schools across the country.

If there’s a need, our team meets it.

Our Success Stories

Wondering how guest teachers can make a tangible difference—and find purpose in their daily work? Hear from a few of our teachers.

“Kokua has done way more for me than I can ever do for them. They gave me a reason to wake up every day.”

Maya, 32
Substitute Teacher

“Working with different schools and students is an awesome window into the world of education, and has opened so many doors for me in just this past year.”

Zach, 30
Substitute Teacher

“Substitute teaching is a powerful experience. You get to go to all of these different schools with one goal in mind. Save the day!”

Judith, 27
Substitute Teacher

Kokua means “to come together and fulfill a need” in Hawaiian.

How do we uplift and empower our future generations? How might we create environments where more children fulfill their potential—particularly those facing greater obstacles and seemingly fewer pathways to success? What measures can we take to overcome educational barriers and develop relationships that engage and inspire?

Kokua Education is a growing network of dedicated substitute teachers who foster classrooms where students can make all dreams possible. Community is the heart of our mission. Together, we embody Kokua.

For Teachers

Join us in elevating the impact of substitute teachers everywhere.

We create moments that shift students' perception of what's possible.

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