Flexible work and the chance to change a child's life.

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The benefits of becoming a substitute teacher with Kokua:

Benefits of being a substitute teacher Kokua


Wake up every day with an opportunity to influence young peoples’ lives.

What are the benefits of being a substitute teacher Kokua


Work as much or as little as you choose and get paid within two weeks.

Substitute teacher benefits Kokua


Join a network of professionals and role models committed to making a difference for youth.

Meet Our Teachers

Substitute Teacher

Maya, 32

Substitute Teacher

Zach, 30

Substitute Teacher

Judith, 27

Sign on as a Kokua substitute teacher in three simple steps.

Apply to be a substitute teacher Kokua


Submit your application in three minutes or less.

Interview to be a substitute teacher Kokua


Hear back within one day and interview immediately.

Start teaching as a substitute teacher Kokua

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Get in the classroom as soon as next week!


How long will it take me to get into the classroom?

Our goal is to get teachers working within the same week of interview!

What schools do you serve?

This depends on the region you are located. In general, we work with many of the most innovative, highest performing public and private schools in your city.

Do you offer any training before I go into the classroom?

Yes! Our regional teams provide webinars handbooks, and 1:1 coaching to prepare you for your first day in the classroom and beyond.

Are there benefits with this job?

Yes! We offer flexible schedules – teach 1-5 days a week, access to Kokua’s support team from 6 am – 8 pm every day, short and long term pay rates, and paid sick time in certain areas.

How frequently can I work?

As often as you want to. We have assignments each day of the week in a variety of classrooms and locations.

We create moments that shift students' perception of what's possible.

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