Together, we can shift students’ perception of what’s possible.

Our Story

In Hawaiian, Kokua means to come together to fulfill a need.


Today, students on average spend an entire school year with substitute teachers by the time they graduate, resulting in a diminished educational experience. Kokua Education brings together a growing network of passionate guest teachers who are dedicated to leveraging this time with students.

We believe that proximity is power and one role model can change a life forever.

Our mission is to connect students with positive influences who can create an environment where students feel free to explore possibilities they didn’t even know existed. Every day, we come together as a community to help children discover who they are and who they can become.

Pronunciation: Koh-KOO-ah

Our core values are the backbone for what we do.


We grow and evolve mindfully in the pursuit of excellence.


We are tenacious, optimize for simplicity and efficiency, and go the distance to meet the end goal.


We are compassionate and understanding, knowing everyone is doing their best provided the circumstances they have been dealt.


We believe we are one and that for every action there is a reaction; to better ourselves is to better our community and to better our community is to better ourselves.


We are hungry, scrappy, efficient, perseverant, grateful, and do more with less.


We operate with humility and respect, and take the utmost pride in our work, our opportunities, and our relationships.

Careers at Kokua

Join us in elevating the impact of substitute teachers everywhere.

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We create moments that shift students' perception of what's possible.

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