Among the various holidays in the calendar year, today might be our favorite! November 18th is Substitute Educators Day. Each year, Substitute Educators Day falls on the Friday of American Education Week, which celebrates and honors all those who work in education. Today specifically focuses on the crucial role substitutes play in our schools – serving as bridges and role models for our students when full-time staff is absent.

At Kokua, we work with substitute teachers (we call them Guest Teachers) to maximize learning time and close gaps for local K-12 schools. Our CEO wanted to share a special message with all substitute teachers, who show up each and every day to support students across the country.

A Message from Kokua CEO

In celebration of Substitute Educator Day, I wanted to send a special thank you for the important role you’ve played this year for our schools and students. 

This year, our schools are facing a unique challenge. With record high teacher shortages paired with the aftermath of pandemic learning loss, students across the country are in desperate need of emotional and educational support. 

The dedication and effort you set forth each day in the classroom has made a big difference for our schools and we are grateful for the impact you make.

Every day as a Guest Teacher, you have an impact on our students.  Whether it’s the way you explain a lesson, the care and kindness you show, or an opportunity or vision you share, you make a lasting impression.

This year, Kokua teachers together have completed nearly 50,000 days of teaching – which equals about 350,000 learning hours for students. You are making a HUGE difference!  


Gabe Nakashima
Kokua Founder & CEO

Thank you substitute teachers!

To all substitute teachers, we hope you find time today to celebrate your hard work, and know that the students and schools you serve are lucky to have your support. 

From all of us at Kokua, thank you!