Becoming a substitute teacher is a unique opportunity to make a difference in your community. You’ll set your own schedule, gain valuable skills, earn reliable income, build a strong professional network and even have some fun – all while filling a need for local schools. 

For some, becoming a substitute teacher is about gaining valuable classroom experience that will give them the skills and confidence they need to take on that full time teaching job. For others, substitute teaching is a flexible part time job that allows them to pursue passions, take care of loved ones or stay energized and sharp after retiring.

Whatever your situation, substitute teaching can be an incredibly rewarding experience where you not only get the chance to educate children, but you also might just learn something about yourself along the way. Sound interesting? Apply here.

Here are our top 7 reasons why you should become a substitute teacher:

1. Make a difference in students’ lives

Most students spend about one full school year with substitute teachers by the time they graduate high school. This opens up a huge window of opportunity for substitute teachers to make a real difference in their lives, and to ensure these kids don’t have a diminished educational experience.

Even though you may only be with your students for a short time, you can be the positive role model that inspires them. You can create an environment where students feel free to explore possibilities they didn’t even know existed, helping them discover who they are and who they can become.

2. Set your own flexible work schedule

Becoming a substitute teacher gives you the chance to choose your workdays and adjust your schedule to fit your life. Are you a working parent? College student? Retiree? Do you have a side hustle? Or just need to make additional income? Whatever your situation, you can make subbing work for you. 

You also get to choose which grade levels and subjects you teach. This gives you the chance to either stay consistent and hone your skills in a specific area, or switch it up and have different experiences. 

3. Earn additional income by becoming substitute teacher

If you’re looking for a part-time opportunity to earn a paycheck, becoming a substitute teacher could be a great fit. Many substitute teachers have side hustles or other passion projects, or just need supplemental income on a flexible schedule. 

Substitute teaching also allows you the flexibility to earn more when you need to. Saving up for that big purchase, or need to support a loved one during a difficult time? Picking up a few more work days could help you close that gap. Apply now to get started.

4. Sharpen your skills

By becoming a substitute teacher, you’ll have the chance to define who you are as an educator and as a professional. There is no better practice than daily, on the ground experience. Whether you’re just starting out, or you are a seasoned pro, teaching gives you opportunities to improve and evolve each day. 

Even if teaching isn’t your long-term career, as a substitute teacher you’ll develop a wide range of transferable skills that will set you up for virtually any career path. Some examples include: 

  • Communication & public speaking
  • Planning & organization 
  • Conflict resolution 
  • Relationship building  
  • Time management 
  • Ability to work under pressure & think on your feet 
  • Collaboration & team work 
  • Leadership 
  • Multitasking

5. Build a network with other educators

In a school building, you’ll quickly become part of a larger team of educators working together to support your students. Celebrate the wins and work through the challenges with others who understand the work firsthand. Substitute teaching also gives you the chance to network with school leaders you can call on for future career moves.

6. Land a full-time teaching job by becoming a substitute teacher first

Is full time teaching your ultimate goal? The best way to build your resume and teacher toolkit is to jump in head first with a substitute teaching job. Subbing helps you develop the tangible skills principals and school leaders look for in a full-time teacher.

Plus, by starting with a substitute teacher job, you’ll build relationships with principals, administrators, teachers and families. By the time your dream job opens up, you’ll be ready and top of mind!

7. Work in a fun, fast paced environment

Working in a school building is never boring! As a substitute teacher, you’ll constantly have new experiences, build lasting relationships, and learn from people of all ages and backgrounds. You’ll always end the day with a good story or laugh from your students, and the memories of working with kids will last a lifetime.

Ready to become a substitute teacher? Complete our 5 minute application today!