CSTN is now Kokua Education

CSTN is now Kokua Education!

The Charter Substitute Teacher Network (CSTN) is now Kokua Education!

The Charter Substitute Teacher Network (CSTN) was founded in 2011 by a former teacher. Started in Chicago, this network of substitute teachers has grown to over 2500 passionate guest teachers serving many of the highest performing public, charter, and private schools across the country.

CSTN has changed to Kokua Education to more fully encompass our mission of opening young minds to what’s possible. In Hawaiian, Kokua means to come together to fulfill a need. Every day, Kokua Educators come together for children, helping them discover who they are and who they can become.

We believe that proximity is power and one guest teacher can change a life forever.

Kokua Education partners with innovative schools across the country to provide reliable guest teachers along with hands-on support to ensure a successful school day.

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