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Kokua Education is proud to be a part of the cutting edge education landscape in the Rio Grande Valley.
Spanning Weslaco, McAllen and Rio Grande City, Kokua’s community of leading educators and substitute teachers ensure that every classroom has a teacher dedicated to being the difference in a child’s life. We partner with the region’s highest performing campuses, including being the sole provider of substitutes to IDEA Public Schools.

Apply now for part-time and long-term teaching assignments in the most engaged elementary, middle and highschool classrooms. Join the Kokua family this school year to see the impact you can have as a Kokua Substitute teacher.

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The benefits of becoming a Kokua teacher:


Wake up every day with an opportunity to influence young peoples’ lives.


Work as much or as little as you choose and get paid within two weeks.


Join a network of professionals and role models committed to making a difference for youth.

We partner with some of the most innovative, high-performing schools across the country.

Kokua Education formerly CSTN

Join us in elevating the impact of substitute teachers everywhere.

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