You hold the power to educate.

We help you share it.

You’re inspired to create positive change in the world. Kokua makes it possible. By becoming a guest teacher in an underserved community, you can cultivate thriving learning environments—and encourage students to rise to their greatest potential.

Make an impact from day one.


Every Kokua guest teacher is empowered to flourish in the classroom. Our regional teams provide you with webinars, resource banks, and individualized support to prepare you for your first day—and beyond.

Plus, we’re on call each school day to answer questions or address any concerns. As former teachers ourselves, we’re dedicated to your success.

For Teachers
For Teachers

Be a familiar face to students.


It’s crucial for children to see themselves represented in the classroom. To that end, we’re intentional about hiring guest teachers who reflect the communities they serve.

At the same time, students deserve to learn from a wide range of backgrounds, perspectives, and identities. To that end, we’re building an inclusive network of guest teachers who can bring unique experiences and diverse backgrounds to every school they enter.

You’ll love being a Kokua guest teacher. Here’s why.

Inspire students daily

Open young minds to new possibilities—and keep the learning going strong.

Personalize your schedule

Choose a schedule that fits your life and get paid weekly.

Join our growing community

Connect with mission-driven educators and gain access to full-time opportunities.

Advance your teaching career

Sharpen your skills through coaching, webinars, and other professional development.

Meet our guest teachers


Our teachers carry the soul of Kokua everywhere they go. Read more about how they make a difference in the classroom—and find inspiration of their own.

“The Kokua staff supports your every step and understands the environments you will be working in. They treat you with compassion and respect. The schools love Kokua, and it shows in how the school administrators treat you.”
Maya, 32
Guest Teacher

“From the moment I interviewed I knew that I belonged at Kokua. I was a former student at one of the schools that Kokua works with and it was amazing to be a mentor to students that looked up to me because I went to that school!”
Zach, 30
Guest Teacher

“The children from ages kindergarten to seniors are so energetic and phenomenal. It’s hard to decide my favorite schools due to having so many vast experiences in such a short time span. Great part-time job opportunity!”
Judith, 27
Guest Teacher

Start guest teaching with Kokua in just three steps:


1. Apply

Submit your application in three minutes or less. 

2. Interview

Hear back within 24 to 48 hours and interview immediately. 

3. Teach

Finish onboarding and work in a classroom as early as next week.

For Teachers
For Teachers

Refer a friend


Have a peer who’s looking to empower students and drive change? Contact us to make a recommendation—and help kickstart their teaching career.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your substitute teacher requirements?

To join our network of substitute teachers, you must have the following:

     • Experience working with students in a classroom, volunteering, mentoring, or tutoring setting 

     • Associate’s degree or a minimum number of credited hours that vary by state

     • Bachelor’s degree (for New York City and Philadelphia) 

     • Ability to pass a state and FBI background check 

Please note that teacher requirements differ in every region. For instance, some states require a substitute teaching license or a COVID vaccination record.

Do I need a teaching degree or license to substitute?
In most cases, no. Chicago is the only city that requires a substitute or paraprofessional license to start teaching. For Chicago applicants, you do not need a license to start the hiring process. Once you accept an offer to teach with us, we’ll support you in obtaining the correct license during onboarding.
How long will it take me to start working as a substitute teacher?
Our goal is to have teachers working as soon as possible. However, it depends on every teacher and location—different states have different legal requirements. Once you apply, our Kokua staff will reach out within 24 to 48 hours. We schedule a virtual interview, then help you complete the paperwork and background check process before placing you in a school.
What schools do you serve?
We work with the most innovative, highest performing public, private, and charter schools across the country. Furthermore, we’re committed to working with underserved and Title 1 schools in particular; every student deserves access to great teachers.
Do you offer any training before I enter the classroom?
Absolutely! We believe in equipping our substitute teachers to thrive in the classroom. Our regional teams provide webinars, resource banks, and individualized support to prepare you for your first day—and beyond. As former teachers themselves, our support team is dedicated to your success.
What are the benefits of this job?

When you substitute teach with Kokua, you can enjoy:

     • A flexible schedule: Teach up to five days a week, according to your availability. 

     • Receive a paycheck each week: Earn competitive daily and long-term pay.

     • Career growth opportunities: Get exposure to different schools, subjects, and grade levels. Hone your instructional skills and tap into potential permanent positions.

     • Ongoing support: Have access to our Kokua support team from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM everyday.

How frequently can I work?
As often as you want! We offer available positions every day of the week in classrooms and locations convenient to you.

We partner with some of the most innovative, high-performing schools across the country.